Setting You Up For Business

You finally took the plunge and decided to start your own business. Kudos! Is it going to be home based, or are you actually going to rent out a small location? Are you a sole proprietor or an LLC? So much to think about in the beginning and one of the many things you will need if you get your own location, of course, is office furnishings and equipment.

Getting You “Game-On” Ready

Clearly, you landed on this page for good reason because anybody trying out a new venture can always use some extra help. Whether you just need some basics like a desk, chair, multi-function copier and a cabinet or two, or an entire complex full of furniture, computers, printers, copiers and the like there’s no need to worry. My name is Rob Stout, out of Tulsa (Oil Capital of The World) Oklahoma, and my small business Office is helping you get your business ready to rock.

Whether you are already established and need some updating to your office and equipment, or are brand new to entrepreneurship, I understand completely, because I was there once as well. We can walk through your needs and get an idea of what style, function and price points you’re considering. My cyber door is always open and you can get a hold of me here so we can get the process started.

Good First Impressions

How your office looks, when you open your doors, does make a statement. Like it or not, some people will formulate opinions about whether they want to deal with you or not, based on your decor, the presentation. Even if you have a limited amount of funds to work with, your surroundings can make a positive statement with a few key pieces and accessories.

Working with someone outside of your immediate circle of influence can provide a fresh perspective to where you might place things, what kind of fixtures would work best, and give suggestions on how best to use what you might already have on hand. A new business has a myriad of things to work on and selecting the office staples to get your work done, should be an effortless task.

Though a great many businesses were started in garages, on dirt floors, and with little or no office equipment or fancy furniture, standing out in a sea of competition with a sweet looking office might just be the edge you need.